Seminars & Workshops

Our seminars and workshops are available in a 30-60 minute "Lunch & Learn" format or as a half to full day workshop. We customize wellness seminars to target risk factors that impact the health and productivity of your employees

Risk-Reduction Seminar:
A companion service for the Health Risk Assessment. This dynamic seminar focuses on lifestyle habits and their association with disease and includes many demonstrations and practical suggestions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Preventive Health Screenings:
Learn about the important health screenings recommended for early detection and prevention of heart disease and cancer.
Lifestyle & Risk Management Seminar:
A dynamic and interactive presentation of the most common lifestyle risk factors and methods to reduce risks. This research-based session examines the most recent and credible studies on lifestyle management of health risk factors.
Super Foods:
Understand how to apply the national recommendations for a healthy low fat, high fiber diet and how to sort through all the fad diets. Food demonstrations, new shopping techniques, and "to do" lists make this seminar a valuable learning experience.
Cholesterol and Heart Disease:
Learn the meaning of your cholesterol numbers and the lifestyle habits that may improve your heart disease risk profile.
Diabetes Prevention:
A motivating presentation focused on action steps to reduce metabolic syndrome risk factors to prevent diabetes.
Staff Wellness:
This team-building in-service training motivates employees to build a healthy lifestyle culture at work through group support.
Stress Management Seminar: Practical techniques for recognizing and reducing on-the-job and at-home stress.

Hypertension Prevention: Learn how to prevent or manage high blood pressure, "the Silent Killer" with diet and increased physical activity. Small lifestyle improvements that make a big difference!

Men's and Women's Health: Gender specific health topics and prevention strategies.